Debuted with ‘Rupinder Gandhi ‘ followed by Qissa Panjab, Rabb Da Radio, Anatomy Of Violence, Rocky Mental , Rupinder Gandhi 2, Sajjan Singh Rangroot.

Rupinder Gandhi - The Gangster 1 & 2
As "Bhola"

The movie is based on real incidents.  My character named Bhola is also a real life character. He stands slightly different among gangsters of the group. He loves to be jolly and to create fun every moment at any cost. Often he comes forward after the fight has been finished, only to take fake credits. By his mischievous acts, boasts and  funny physical appearance, he is famous and loveable in the group members. 

Anatomy of Violence
As "Bittu"  (Negative) 

Raised in extreme poverty, Bittu is obsessed  unconsciously with an anger for society which grows to a extent of raping a girl along with his friends. This inhuman violence is so much complex, in depths of his character that he is, pathetically, unable to count the rape as a serious crime and do not feel ashamed at all. 

Qissa Panjab
As "Speed"

Is my favorite one.  A 19 years old thief from slums.  True to his duties i.e. pickpocketing,  snatching, break-ins, Speed is saving his money to go to Italy, his only fantasy. Despite his quickness and speed as his name indicates he is too innocent to get into anyone's trap. A sudden encounter makes him fall i  love with Sukhjeet, an Orphan, living at her uncle's, a studius girl but downtrodden by circumstances. In want of a short cut, unable to understand big games,  speed is murdered by drugs mafia. 

Rabb Da Radio
As "Jaggi"

is a character from 1970s - 80s, brother to the protagonist.  He is in love with filmy looks and style and wear expensive clothes. In the story, his full concentration is in making the marriage of heroine and hero  possible. 

Rocky Mental
As "Dahiya"

A hilarious character, who is an unskilled boxer in his boxing academy, but he never admits it, never, even after beaten up.  Banana fruit is his love, you can see him peeling and eating banana in almost every scene. For him banana is a source of power.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot
As "Teja Singh"

An angry young man,  fight lover and fond of guns, got recruited in Indian British Army. Later on called for to fight against Germany. 

Just like Sajjan Singh, he can not bear the ill treatment by British soldiers in Britain. In the war,  he fights, just like other Indian soldiers, for the pride of Indian people.  In helping Sajjan to destroy a German bunker Teja is martyred.

Dakuaan Da Munda
As "Rommi Gill"

Coming on 7th September 2018



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